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transition from manager to leader

Who is the Best Boss You Ever Had? What Makes a Great Boss? post image

Ask yourself, who is the best boss I ever worked for? If you were asked why they were the best, you would probably say things like: “She was so positive.”“He made me feel appreciated.”“She took the time to know me and coach me.”“He listened carefully.”“I felt like she would do anything for me.” Most likely […] Read more

This video asks the question “have you made the transition to leader?” It incorporates beautiful music with stunning photographs and inspirational quotes. Both the video and a guide for using the video in a meeting, workshop or training can be downloaded for free at

There is a distinct difference between managers and leaders. Though we use those terms interchangeably – they are different. Managers organize, control, solve problems and plan. Leaders set direction, create vision, motivate and inspire, promote change and help others cope with change. It is important to make the transition from manager to leader.