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united we stand

Teamwork – A Force to be Reckoned with

This past weekend a sports analyst was interviewing Gregg Marshall, the head basketball Coach from the Wichita State Shockers. In case you are not current, they are one of two undefeated teams left in college basketball this year sitting at 26 wins and no losses with only a few weeks left in the season. Regardless […] Read more

United We Stand – Divided We Fall – Water Buffalo

Unity on teams is critical. Without it trust is greatly diminished, selfishness increases and there is less commitment overall. With it teams are much safer, put aside egos, focus on the same things and are greatly committed.

United we stand divided we fall – Teamwork story

I love fables. The following teamwork story and fable highlights the importance of standing united. Once there was a lion who was watching three bulls feeding in an open field. He attempted to attack the bulls several different times without success. The bulls had kept together and helped each other drive him off.