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Warning: Members of Teams – Don’t Do This! Do This Instead!

Members of Team Do This Instead – Thumbs Up

Teamwork is hard to achieve. It requires members of the team, including the leader, to be as positive as they can be about relationships, goals and outcomes. And when team members and leaders have to look at things critically they must do so with the spirit of trying to fix the problem, not just whine about it.

You have probably had a teammate who only sees the negative. This is the person who doesn’t see much good in anybody or anything. Unfortunately that person can be fairly disruptive to a teams goals and results. Like a bad apple they can ruin the whole barrel (or team in this case).

This is a warning – don’t be anything like that!

Instead, look at what you can do to be a bright light to your team instead of a shadow which follows, but never shines.

1. Be a Leader. Regardless of your role on the team you can lead. Be the kind of person on your team who gets it done and then some! One strong team member can lift a team to greater heights by showing the way and inspiring others to want to do the same.

2. Be Selfless. The best teammates I have had in my life and have watched from afar have been more concerned about others, than themselves. What have you done for a teammate lately? Do you know what they aspire to? Do you know what they need from you? Do you understand who they are? Do you know how to serve them?

3. Be Humble. Instead of looking at what others are doing wrong, look inward, and work on what you can personally change. Ask others how you can improve. What can you do better? Accept the feedback willingly and humbly and do something positive with it. Constructive feedback can be difficult to receive, but your success depends on it – literally!

Can you imagine the strength of a team where teammates are working towards becoming leaders who are selfless and humble instead of shadows who simply negatively follow and complain? It’s possible with the right leadership!

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