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The Greatest Leaders Care. Become a Care to Lead Leader.

If service is above you, leadership is beyond you. I wrote in a recent post the need for leaders to connect during these trying times. People are looking to leadership to help guide them through hard things. They are watching them, listening to them and are hopefully inspired them. Leaders who have successfully led people […] Read more

Connecting with those you lead – 4 tips

Note: This is the second in a series of posts in moving your team through difficult things. I wrote as our world is in the midst of a virus (COVID-19) that is changing everything. Leadership has never been more important. See the last post and first in the series – “Gratitude – Leading Your Team […] Read more

Gratitude Changes Everything in your Leadership

Difficult times require extraordinary leadership. Leaders across the world are having to step up in ways that they have never imagined before. Putting care into the front seat of your leadership has never been more important than it is now. Those you lead need to know that you still care about them and are there […] Read more

There is Something Dangerous Lurking on Your Team… post image

Are you aware that something could be lurking on your team that is highly dangerous? Something that sucks the energy of your team and is probably dragging down the morale of everyone? There is a good chance that you don’t even know what it is, but your team does.  Employees usually fall into one of […] Read more

Listen Leaders – Are you Listening? Video and Practical Tips post image

Is building trust, strengthening communication and improving relationships important for you as a leader? Of course. So listen… I mean really listen to those you lead. The quickest way to erode trust with those you lead is to fail to listen. Why would they ever come to you if they felt like you didn’t […] Read more