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The Greatest Leaders Do This – Super Inspiring Leadership Video

The Greatest Leaders Care. Become a Care to Lead Leader.

If service is above you, leadership is beyond you.

I wrote in a recent post the need for leaders to connect during these trying times. People are looking to leadership to help guide them through hard things. They are watching them, listening to them and are hopefully inspired them.

Leaders who have successfully led people through adversity are some of the greatest leaders we have ever had. History books are filled with them, documentaries are the subject of many of them and a lot of people have tried to pattern their lives after them.

One thing most of these successful leaders had was a selfless heart. They were more concerned about others needs than they were about their own.

In my recent book, Do You Care to Lead – A 5-Part Formula for Creating Loyal and Results-Focused Teams and Organizations, I call for all leaders to to be more selfless and serve more. There is no quicker way to unlock your leadership than through service. It’s the ultimate connector, motivator, and communicator. Nothing says you care more than when you serve. I call such leaders: Care to Lead Leaders.

Care to Lead Leaders are a unique breed of truly selfless, thoughtful, and caring leaders. Leadership is not about them; it was never about them. It is about the people whom they lead and work with, and whom they deeply care about.

Mark Macy, an author, consultant and friend of mine shared the following video with me recently. It completely exemplifies what service looks like in leadership and what Care to Lead Leaders naturally do.

This is one of those videos that will change you forever as a leader. Are you this kind of leader? What might you change going forward to become a Care to Lead Leader?

Note: If you have stories, video etc. of Care to Lead Leaders like this one, I would love for you to share them. Send me a note at Thanks! And enjoy 🙂