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30 or More Days to Get the Right People on the Team? Great tip.

Team I have always believed that teams must spend focused time on strengthening relationships between team members. There needs to be dedicated time hanging out together, team building exercises, developing team norms together etc… But just as important is getting the right people on the team that work well together.

I was reading about an established team the other day that put in place a probationary time for new team members. When they hire a new team member, they have them work for the team for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days team members vote whether to keep the new team member or not. If you have that kind of time to select the right type of team member, this is a great approach to getting the right people on the team.

What approaches have you used to ensure you get the right team members on board?

Has anyone out there done this probationary period approach with their teams?


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Mike Rogers