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Remote Team Building Activity – Color the Days of the Week

Remote Team Building Activity – Days of the Week

Remote Team Building Activity for Virtual Teams

Note: This activity can be used virtually or face to face.

Color the Days of the Week – Virtual Team Building Activity #2

Purpose: To help participants realize that teams are made up of diverse people with different backgrounds and experiences. Each team member has a unique perspective and it is important to share.

When: Good for both new and experienced teams when there is a need for team members to demonstrate more empathy and tolerance for others opinions and ideas. Good to use when a team is starting a brainstorming session, strategic planning or a series of meetings.

Materials: Pen/Pencil and paper for each participant.


  1. Ask participants to list across the top of their paper the days of the week starting with Monday through Sunday.
  2. Have participants close their eyes and imagine a color for each day of the week.
  3. Have participants write the color they identified under each day on their paper.
  4. Start with Monday and ask for volunteers to share their color and why they selected it. Then proceed to have them share the other days and colors. You can also go around the room and have them share one by one depending on the size of the group.

Outcome: This activity should show that most people had a different color for each day of the week for different reasons. Some will have the same color for similar reasons. The outcome is to increase team members tolerance for others ideas different than their own; a key attribute to building a strong team.

Things to Note: When I do this activity, and I am calling on people to share, I usually ask by a raise of hands if anyone had the same color. Then I ask if anyone had the same color, but for a different reason. I also like to ask “What does this activity have to do with teams?” And “Why is it important to listen to others opinions and ideas?”

Do you have any other questions you might ask? Do you have a virtual team building activity you would like to contribute?

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