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Team Builder Activity – My Life Highlight

My Life Highlight

Team Builder Activity for Building Trust on Teams

Trust is the foundation of teamwork. Without it team members won’t be as willing to have  difficult discussions, ask for help and admit mistakes. Team builder activities that provide opportunities for teams to get to know one another are key in helping team members trust each other. Here is one such team builder activity that can help.

Purpose: To build trust and understanding among team members. Provides each member of the team a better understanding of the passions, personalities and what others love and hold dear to in life.

When: This team builder activity can be used with both small and large groups. Can also be used with new and seasoned teams. It is a good activity to open a meeting or as part of a team building event with teams.

Length: 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of your team and the depth of sharing).

Materials: None


1. Have all participants close their eyes and think about the best times in their life. Moments can include time spent with family, personal successes and achievements, adventures, work etc…

2. After a few minutes of allowing team members to review highlights announce that they are now going to narrow those highlights down. Keeping their eyes closed tell the team that they only have 30 seconds to live; and then ask which 30 seconds would they want to relive?

3. Once each team member has had a few minutes to think, ask them to share what 30 seconds they would have relived and why.

Things to note: Be prepared for some to share very sensitive and emotional moments in their life. When facilitating this don’t be too quick to jump in, let silence allow people to feel what is being shared.

How would you use a team builder activity like this? Do you have any variations you have used or have other helpful team builder activities you would like to share? We would love to hear them, please share. Thanks.

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