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My Favorite Team Builder – Perfect for Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion – Team Builder

Powerful Team Builder for Greater Team Cohesion

Here is one of my favorite all time team builders. Do you want greater team cohesion at the  end of a training event or meeting? Do you want people leaving your training event or meeting feeling really good? Try this team builder activity. I have personally facilitated this activity many times and it has never failed to create what I intended it to create (see purpose below). Let us know how it goes.

Cohesion Team Building Activity

Team Builder – Say Something Positive!

Purpose: Build greater team cohesion, increase trust on the team and create a “feel good” moment. It can be used with any size group – the larger the group, the more time it will take.

When: This exercise is normally best at the end of training, a team building event or a meeting. It is important that participants know each other somewhat.


Large index cards, pens and a piece of masking tape for each participant.


  1. Provide a large index card, pen and piece of masking tape to each participant.
  2. Have participants tape one large index card to their back making sure it is secure.
  3. Give instructions to participants to write something positive about each participant on his or her back. Tell them that the positive comments must be sincere and that they can’t use the same positive statement that someone else used on that persons card.
  4. Once all participants have written on every ones backs ask them to remove the index card and go somewhere quiet in the room and read them. Ask all participants to be silent during this part of the activity and give them ample time to complete it.
  5. Once everyone has read their comments bring them back together for a debrief. Ask them how the activity made them feel. Emphasize that we all need positive feedback about ourselves and challenge them to do this with each other every day. Share a personal story or have someone in the group share a personal story.

Things to note: This team builder activity is very effective with working teams. It creates great positive energy among participants.

If you enjoyed this teamwork story, I encourage you to share it with your team or others. Let them know you understand that everyone flies the kite. Use one of the sharing options below.

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