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A Quick Way to Help Those You Lead Feel Good (Team or Family)

Thumbs Up and Positive Activity for Leaders of Teams

If you are a leader, you are always looking for quick and effective ways to boost the morale of those you lead.

Last Sunday night we had a good portion of our family over for dinner, including our three children that are married and their spouses. While we were wrapping up our meal, my wife suggested a new tradition.

She explained that at each big family dinner (which usually occur around the Holidays or special family events like Baptisms) that we should celebrate the recent birthdays of family members by going around the table and saying something nice to that person.

The guidelines were to try not to repeat what someone else had said and to make it genuine – something that would really make them feel good.

At this recent dinner we had a total of 14 family members. With eight children, you can imagine how fun this will be as more Grandchildren start entering the picture (we currently have three with one on the way)!

The activity was well received and made us all feel really good about our family, each other, and the opportunities we have to spend time together. I know having talked to people over the years, family events can some times be anything but full of love and positive feelings. But this new activity will help us continue the tradition of positive family gatherings.

Much like families, teams also need to feel the types of positive emotions that come from activities like this. My favorite team building activity that I like using with teams is very similar to this activity. You can see it here.

However you do it, spending time complimenting each other as a team and sharing what you like about others is a fast way to create a “feel good” type of mood on your teams. Perhaps you can make it a tradition as we have during birthdays. Or maybe you can do it once a month for everyone at the end of meetings.

Just do it! When team members realize that others recognize their good traits and/or positive contributions, they feel really good. When you have a team that feels really good; teamwork and trust increase.

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