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“Happy, Happy, Happy” How Do You Help Those You Lead Feel Special?

How to make employees feel special – Happy, Happy, Happy Applause

My wife and I just got back from a trip to Louisiana for a family wedding. Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I observed at the “Duck Commander” warehouse. duck-commander-mark-macy

As of late we have developed a liking for the A&E TV show called “Duck Dynasty.”  So, we drove 90 miles out of our way to ensure that we would go through West Monroe, Louisiana to see the home of the “Duck Commander.”

We weren’t lucky enough to have Phil, Willie, Miss Kate, or other family members there when we made our visit. But what we observed made our minds spin after we drove away and began to debrief our visit.

There were hundreds of trucks with families from all over the USA jamming their homemade gravel covered parking lot.  Many could be seen snapping shots from their cameras and smart phones as family members stood in front of the Duck Commander sign, or behind the card board cutouts of the Robertson family.

Needless to say, you could hear the sound of cash register’s “ka-chinging” as dozens of t-shirts, glasses, posters, coffee cups, duck calls and other souvenirs’ were purchased.

As we left and walked outside we saw a number of people gathered at the back of the warehouse. It seemed that the group was growing to a crowd in nothing flat. I noticed that 6pm was nearing on my watch face. Within a few minutes, the doors opened and out walked the people who worked for Duck Commander. They were not folks from the TV show, they were ordinary workers walking from their place of employment to their vehicles to go home for the day.

The gathered crowds began to cheer, whistle, and ask for autographs. Each of them accommodated the crowd as requested.  Wow!

duck-dynasty-mark-macyNow I’ve been around sports and even seen a few rock stars, so there are some folks who we normally believe have the privilege of experiencing cheers, whistles, and yells for autographs and pictures. But who would have “thunk it” that ordinary factory workers would experience this same treatment?

I’ve been all over the world and worked with businesses of all types and sizes. I had never seen a site like this one. What is the secret of creating and running a company where everyone feels a part of the success like this? Not just the TV stars or the Top Management, but everyone? As I stood there my mouth was open in “ah.”

Ever since leaving there I have asked myself how did this happen and how could this culture be repeated or duplicated at other companies? Who would not love to go home like a “Rock Star” each night?

I got a feeling it started with Phil Robertson, the father of the family and owner of the company. In reviewing his latest book, he speaks of living life simple, staying grounded, realizing the importance of family/relationships and sharing what you have with others.

Maybe us “corporate boys” need to reconsider the rat race we are running. What ever happened to good old country principles like – be yourself, keep it simple, relax more, and respect your faith, family and friends. Phil shares the results of this type of living best as “Happy, Happy, Happy!”

Question: What do you do to help your staff feel like rock stars? What could you be doing more of?

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