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Positive Thinking Positive Results – I Love This Story!

Think Positive Thoughts Get Positive Results

Are you aware of the power of positive thinking yet? If not, then it’s time to start. Leaders can’t afford to dwell on negative thoughts for a number of reasons.

Positive thinking creates positive teams and organizations. Dwelling on the positive, results in higher morale, more motivation and greater productivity. And there are health benefits to positive thinking to consider as well including the fact that positive leaders can live longer.

You would think with all of those wonderful benefits we would all put our energy into being more positive! I love the following story and can really relate to it, hopefully you can as well.

An owner of a grocery store came to a Master one day. He was very worried about a large chain grocery store that had opened across from his shop that would drive him out of business. The store had been in the grocers family for more than a hundred years. To lose the store to a bigger company would lead to his demise because there wasn’t anything else he knew how to do.

The Master was wise and calmly told him, “If you are fearful of the owner of this new chain store, you will hate him, Hatred will be your undoing.”

The distressed grocer asked, “What shall I do then?”

The Master told him that each morning he would need to walk out to the front of his shop and bless it, wishing it prosperity. He was then told to turn towards the new chain store and bless it as well.

The grocer couldn’t believe he was being told to bless his competitor and destroyer!

In response to this reaction the wise Master said, “Any blessing you give him will rebound to your good. Any evil you wish him will destroy you.”

The next year the grocer had reported to his Master that his store had shut down as he had feared, but that great good had come from it. He was now the manager of the new chain store and had greater possibilities and opportunities than he had ever realized before.

Great things come to those who remain positive regardless of what obstacles or fear they face. I have personally witnessed this in the lives of others as well as in my own life.

I can choose to whine about my boss and/or the leadership of the company. Or I can choose to do my best to support their decisions and direction by being as positive as I can. Which is better for my team? Which is ultimately better for me?

I can choose to make my boss and/or organization the enemy to all of my dreams, hopes and aspirations and blame poor organization, focus and/or leadership. Or I can choose to focus on doing the best I can to make a real difference in my stewardship. Which is better for my team? Which is ultimately better for me?

Do you want positive results? Then do some positive thinking! Look at everything as an opportunity, not an obstacle. Look at every failure (and there will be some) as a chance to learn and perfect. It’s really just a matter of attitude isn’t it?

Great leaders understand this and they provide strong, but nurturing direction to those they lead to do the same.

Question: In what ways do you lead your team positively? What challenges have you faced that have helped you become a better leader due to staying positive?

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