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Short Video: Watch What You Wish For! Your Gifts and Talents are Just Fine.

Make a Wish – Gifts and Talents

One of the most important things we can do for those we lead is to help them appreciate and to develop their own god-given natural gifts and abilities.

Most of us from time to time wish we were in someone else’s shoes. For some reason we believe that the grass is greener on the other side. But most of the time it’s not. The below video illustrates this better than anything I have ever seen.

We might wish we could be as handsome or as pretty as others. We might even wish we could have had the education that our boss did, or the opportunities that always seem to fall in her lap. Or possibly we wish that we had the charisma, or sales skills of Bill. Or the technical skills of Mary.

We are who we are because that is who we were supposed to be. While we can work to look better, further our education, improve our sale skills or improve our technical knowledge; the reality is that we have all been given unique looks, talents and gifts for a reason.

There will always be someone prettier, smarter and maybe more gifted. The key is to embrace it and do your best to contribute with the talents and abilities you have been given. The key for leaders is to embrace the differences and diversity in talents and abilities as well and to encourage the development of them.

Many try to become something they are not. What is it about each individual on your team or organization that is unique? How does their diverse skill set and personality contribute to your team or organization? Do you share with them how their strengths help the team succeed?

I hope you are moved and inspired by this short, but powerful video titled “The Shoes.” Please share your thoughts below and share the video with others as well. It’s an important message to give in a world where people many times don’t feel they measure up.

Watch what you wish for.

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