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Positive video that every leader in business, the home, church, or wherever must watch.

Power of Positive Reinforcement – Powerful Video – Smile

I have used this amazing positive video titled “Validation” in a number of workshops I have done over the years. It focuses on the power of positive reinforcement. This is a life changing type of video.

I have always felt that one of the most effective things a leader can do is provide genuine and timely positive reinforcement. You can shape behavior much more effectively by being positive with people than negative.

My life has been changed a number of times because of something positive someone said. We all need to be validated, every one of us. Who has validated you lately? Who have you validated?

After watching this inspiring and positive video, let me know what you think by commenting below. In the coming week I will be providing you some positive stories from my own life that changed me forever; all because someone took the time to provide positive reinforcement. I am also interested in your stories as well 🙂 Again, please comment below and share! Thanks friends!

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