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Follow up to the most positive video you ever watched… Stories that have shaped me as a leader and person…

Positive Last week I shared with you a video titled "Validation" and stated that whether you were a leader in business, at home, church or wherever you must watch this video. Here is the post and video – click here. I loved this video and really believe it can change a life. I wanted to share with you, as I promised I would, a couple of stories of positive reinforcement that changed my life. One is serious, the other is, well, kind of silly.

You never know if what you say will literally change someone's life. That person who changed my life 14 years ago with seven simple words was my father.  After showing him a video of a presentation I had done as part of my Master's degree defense he said  "you should think about speaking someday professionally." I hadn't ever thought about that as a career path. I had a great deal of respect for my father and his opinions. He would tell me the truth. Basically he was telling me I was good. That I had a talent. That I was a natural! I believed him, and the rest as they say is history. I speak professionally today and have done so for a number of years. I credit his seven words of positive reinforcement to me as the reason I do what I do today, and I am happier and better for it.

This next example has a little bit of a different spin on the power of positive reinforcement. My wife has regularly told me I am handsome throughout our marriage. Now, I know what I see in the mirror every morning, and it's not even close to prince charming. But because she tells me that I believe she really means it, and I do my best to look my best for her every day. It is important to me. She has literally shaped my behavior as a result. I am not one of those and never will be one of those kind of couch potato, hat toting, unshaven kind of guys. I am too handsome for that!

If you want to shape behavior or make a huge impact on someone's life, provide genuine positive reinforcement. If you want to make lots of friends, provide genuine positive reinforcement. That's why I guess I loved the video so much. Here is a link to it again - click here.

What types of stories do you have to share on the power of positive reinforcement? Has anyone changed your life by a positive word or two?

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