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Want to Shape Employees Behavior? Positive Leadership

Shape Employee Behavior – Positive Leader

Be a Positive Leader and Shape Employees Behavior

Several months ago after returning from a week-long and grueling business trip I came home to  the following sticky note from my eight year old son placed carefully square smack in the center of my monitor. “Dad is the best. From Jacob.”

I left it there for several months. Why? Because it made me feel great! Am I the best? Well, maybe not always, but in his eyes I was. His note really made me want to be.

We can shape employee behavior so much quicker by being positive than we can by being negative. It is a special thing to feel appreciated as a dad, as an employee, as a leader! Feeling that someone values us and really thinks we are kind of neat lifts us up – it is inspiring.

One simple positive kind comment, one plain sticky note with an encouraging comment or one thoughtful voice-mail can make someones entire day, maybe even week! It is amazing the effect we can have on others lives by just being a little more caring, a little more considerate, and a little more attentive.

I challenge each of us positive leaders this year to lift others up. Make it a habit!

I would love to hear any stories of someone in your life that lifts you and why. What can we learn from others and their example? Please comment below. Thanks.

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