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Inspirational Teamwork Video – 3 Lessons

Inspirational Teamwork Video

Inspirational Teamwork Comes to the Rescue

I just ran across this inspiring video that highlights a caring side to  teamwork. Though you may not initially define the crowd in this video as a team, they quickly become one as they come to the aid of this disabled man. This inspirational teamwork video teaches us three things:

1. There are times on teams that others need our help. The crowd came to the rescue of this disabled man in the video turning what could have been an embarrassing moment into a treasured moment.

2. Not everyone on the team is perfect. It is the diversity of team members that makes teams great and creates the magic. In this inspirational teamwork video the crowd overlooks this man’s mistakes and makes the decision instead to appreciate his diverse efforts by singing with him and applauding. Notice that once they join in, his nervousness goes away and he is able to finish his performance.

3. Teamwork is inspirational! Even when the purpose initially isn’t to work as a team, when people are willing to work together they can accomplish inspiring things.

What other things in this video can you think of that help us understand teamwork better? Please comment below. Thanks!

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