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Impactful Time Management Story – What is important?

Powerful Time Management Story

Story about Time Management – “What is important?” he asked.

I love the story I heard once of a seasoned and wise teacher who wanted to change the  lives of his young and eager class of students.

Putting a big glass jar on the table in front of him, he started placing large rocks in it until they had filled the top of the jar. He then asked the class, “Is this jar full?” Everyone in the class shouted, “Yes!”

The teacher replied, “Really?” He then grabbed from under the table some gravel and proceeded to dump it into the jar and then shaking it until all of the gravel had filled the spaces of the big rocks. He then asked again, “Is the jar full?”

Some nodded their head yes. But most didn’t say a word.

“Okay… let’s see.” the teacher said. He reached under the table again, this time pulling out a bucket of sand. He took the bucket and dumped all of the sand in and once more asked the question, “Is it full now?”

By this time the only response he got was from a mumble in the back that said, “Probably not.”

He said, “Good.” He then grabbed a pitcher of water near by and dumped it into the jar until it was filled to the brim.

Then the wise teach asked, “Would I have ever gotten these big rocks in if I had started with the water, then the sand and then the gravel?” The class all shook their head, “No.”

He then taught something this youthful class would never forget. He asked, “What are the big rocks in your life that must come first? What is important?” The class was silent. He said, “They are things like the time you spend with those you love, your faith, your education, your service to others…they are the things that matter most.” He then said, “Make sure to put the big rocks in first or you will never get them all in.”

What are your big rocks? What are your priorities? The reality is that the only thing you will care about when it is all said and done are the big rocks. The little rocks won’t matter much then.

What are some of the little rocks that get in our way day-to-day? We all have them, what can we do differently? Any tips? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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