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Find the Good in Others – A Leadership Lesson and Three Benefits

Find the good in others – Leadership lesson

Find the Good in Others

My mom passed away last year around Mother’s Day. It has been a difficult year to say the  least. She was the matriarch and really the center of our family. My mom was a fighter and kind and generous beyond measure.

I have saved so many kind notes that people wrote about her after her passing. I always knew my mom was very, very special, but the many stories and kind thoughts told me things about her that I never knew.

Unfortunately I have been to my share of funerals since then. And I have observed that people who pass on are really wonderful people. So I ask, why do we have to wait until people are gone to recognize how special they really are? The answer is we don’t.

Everyone has good in them, we just have to look. And when we find it we ought to express it.

There is a saying that you will get whatever you look for. If you want to see the bad in people, you will find it. If you want to find the positive, you will find that as well. What does this mean for leaders? Here are the benefits of finding the good in others:

1. People are attracted personally to others who see in them what others might not. I have always told my children that if you want to make lots of friends, find good things about others and express it.

2. People are attracted to others who find the good in general. Would you rather hang around positive or negative people? Your answer to that question might say a lot about what you usually find and search for in others.

3. In every person there is some variety of a bud preparing to blossom. You can’t develop what you don’t search to find in others. It is to your advantage as a leader to find those buds, but it will require you to find the good first.

Why is it difficult to find the good? Let’s talk. Thanks!

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