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Could This Change Our Lives? Think About This Leaders… Amazing!

Could This Change Our Lives Leaders?

What if we said every good kind thing that came to our minds? Think about that for a minute.

Recently I came across an article on a news website where two girls decided to do just that. One of the girls tells the story, “The thought came after my best friend Stacy and I passed a girl in the halls at Bountiful High School. ‘That girl always looks so cute,’ I said nonchalantly. While Stacy quickly agreed, I was suddenly hit with an idea. ‘What if we told her?’ I let that thought linger for a minute before I continued. ‘In fact, what if we always told everyone our kind thoughts, even if we don’t know them?’ ”

They made a resolve that day that they would try to never let a compliment or saying a nice thing to another go unsaid. What a wonderful thing to do!

What if we all did the same? How different would the workplace be? Our families, schools or even society? It would become more about others than ourselves and people would feel a whole lot better about themselves.

Every day our heads are filled with nice things about others, it’s time to express them. What if we were to challenge our teams to do this with each other?

Maybe in your next meeting you could say something to the effect, “Could each of you imagine for a minute what this world would be like if we all said the kind things we were thinking of to others? What would it do to our team?” Once they have thought about that and discussed it then you could challenge them to do it! But remember it starts with you first – the leader. It always does 🙂

Every team needs positive vibes to be successful. Why not start with this exercise and challenge?

Here is a video I shared several years back on the power of positive reinforcement. It is absolutely one of my favorites. Please take the time to watch it and soak in the power of kind words 🙂

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