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Leaders, what do you see?

Catinthemirror The best leaders I ever had were constantly striving to improve. And I am not talking necessarily about improvements in production and quality, though that was the case as well. I am talking about improving themselves; improving through feedback and then development. They often looked objectively in the mirror at themselves.


 What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see what others see? Or do you only see what you want to see? Answer that question honestly. Most of us only want to see what we think we see. Why? Because it can sometimes be painful to truly see what others see.


Feedback is absolutely critical for the success of any leader. Heck, it is critical in learning anything; like learning to walk, riding a bike, learning how to conduct yourself in meetings. It is important leaders receive feedback from peers, direct reports, managers, and themselves on a regular basis. It is often referred to as a 360 assessment. Whatever it is called, let’s ensure we are looking at the same thing others are. You never know, you might have thought you were a lion, while others see you as a kitten. Wouldn’t you want to know that?


Do you struggle with feedback? Why or why not?


Mike Rogers


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