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Happy Anniversary! Some of our most popular posts and video posts.

Balloons One year ago today we launched our new blog "Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings with Mike Rogers" with the intention of creating a community of people interested in teamwork and leadership in business, family and life. It has been a successful year and enjoyable. The next year will be even better!

It has been fun to reflect back. We had 0 comments for over a month when we started and very few visitors. We now have thousands and thousands of visitors a month and a healthy dose of comments. What a difference a year makes.

This next year we plan to launch a new teamwork and leadership question and answer video feature to the blog, monthly newsletter, more team building activities and a guest post or two.

Here are a several of our most popular posts and video posts this last year. Click on the title to view the post. Did you have a favorite?

Most Popular Posts

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Most Popular Video Posts

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