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My Five Top Leadership Videos that have inspired me to become better.

My Top Leadership Video 2010

Five Top Leadership Videos

As we end the year I thought it would be appropriate to post my top five leadership videos  for 2010. Each of these has inspired me in some way to become not only a better leader, but a better person.

On a personal note I want to thank the thousands of you who visit my blog month after month. 2011 is going to bring more great stuff on Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings. Here’s to a great 2011!

#1 Here is my number one pick. This video probably had the most impact on me as a leader this year. If you haven’t seen this you have to watch it. May we all become more positive in 2011!

Validation – Link to the post: Positive video that every leader in business, the home, church, or whatever must watch.

#2 My number two pick has to be the touching love story and tribute to the legendary coach John Wooden who passed away this this year. There were many who knew him who walked away wanting to be more like him. He was a legend of a leader. May we all work on becoming better people in 2011!

John Wooden’s Love Letter John Wooden  – Link to the Post: Don’t we wish more were like him?

#3 Leaders come in all forms. This video is at number three because of the touching example of one young man who had an effect on an entire school by caring about someone else. May we all serve one another more in 2011!

All Hail the Queen Link to the post: Anyone can be a Leader – Powerful Video

#4 We must be careful not to jump to conclusions. Leaders know that and they try to understand before reacting. May we all be more patient in 2011!

Very Inspirational Video – Service Leadership Link to the post: Great Leaders Care and Are Understanding. Very Inspirational Video.

#5 Based on a true story, this video demonstrates that it isn’t always about winning. May each of us value the most important things in life in 2011!

The Home Run Link to the post: Inspirational Video to Start Off 2010 – True Story

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