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Watch These Leaders Spread Joy – Though a Little Weird (Videos)

Watch These Leaders Spread Joy – Though a Little Weird (Videos) post image

The more you watch these leaders the more you will love them! You might not consider them leaders in the traditional sense, but they are. Making a difference doesn’t have to be that hard, or even unique. In fact, it can sometimes be just a little weird, but at the same time really simple.

Leader Video #1

This man is determined to get a reaction. What kind of reaction? You might think he is crazy, but you will get it at :45 in the video.

Leader Video #2

Many thought this guys was weird, but watch what happens when he hands them some headphones, they soon follow.

Leader Video #3

Some of the most effective leaders are the kindest leaders. Though you might consider this guy a bit of a flirt, and there may be some truth to that, he really does make a difference. Watch the entire video, it’s worth it.

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