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Leaders Becoming “Arrow Minded” This Year – Did you know…

Leaders Becoming “Arrow Minded” This Year – Did you know… post image

Who has helped you find your way in becoming a successful leader?  As the old adage goes, “if you ever see a turtle on a fence post, he did not get there by himself.” Neither did those who are leaders.

I believe that more than one-person has helped point the way for each of us. When our journey first began as a child, we looked to a parent or grandparent for advice and guidance.

As life continued, our “go to” wisdom pallet expanded to include a teacher, pastor, coach or close friend. Now that we are active in our chosen careers, our list may have changed completely or stayed the same with a few additions.

Nonetheless, we all need mentors to help provide directional advice and wisdom to help us reach our goals. It is amazing that as our timeline advances in our lives we still look to someone to point the way.

Did you know? The other day, I ran across an article that described these huge concrete (70-foot) arrows on the ground stretching from New concrete-arrow-minded-leadership York City to San Francisco about 10 miles apart.  In short, these arrows (developed in 1924) pointed the way from coast-to-coast for the first airmail pilots to find their way.

The early maps were poor and without these arrows that mail would not have been delivered across the United States. By night, beacons replaced the arrows to create direction for planes in the darkness – continuing the responsibility of providing guidance.

As I pondered this true story, it challenged me to strive to become “Arrow Minded!” Just as the turtle, none of us have gotten anywhere without the help of others. It is up to all of us to serve as the arrow or beacon to those around us. Just as we all needed direction and wisdom in our early years, the need has not diminished in later years. If anything the need and importance is greater than ever.

Join me as we enter 2015 to become “Arrow Minded”… actively seeking opportunities to be a mentor.  Someone is searching to find their way, will your life serve as an arrow or a beacon?

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