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The 90 Year Old Something Quiet Leader Behind My House

Quiet leader behind my house

The Quiet Leader

Behind my house is a park with a sidewalk that winds around the inside perimeter. I have the blessing of working from home with a corner view of this beautiful park and our green and red rock mountains providing a spectacular backdrop.

Every morning as I look out my window almost without failure I watch a tall 90-year-old something man hunched over making his way slowly, but determined, around the perimeter of the park. Some times his wife joins him with her walker side by side in a slow seasoned and loving stride.

I call this 90-year-old something man my quiet leader. He inspires me to not make excuses why I can’t exercise today. He inspires me to not dread my sunset years. He inspires me as a husband to realize that lasting relationships are the gold dust of life.

He leads by example without saying a word. My quiet leader has had an important impact on my life, and he doesn’t even know it.

A good example has twice the value of good advice. ~ Unknown

I believe there are thousands of quiet leaders in our lives. We have the opportunity to be a quiet leader as well. And just like this 90-year-old something gentleman, we may not even know the full impact we are having on people.

I have realized in my own life that people are always watching. This has been especially true in my own home. What I do has more of an impact on others than what I say. And what I do, even when no one is watching, has a greater impact on me as a person.

Who are your quiet leaders? I would love to hear about them. Please share by commenting below.

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