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Bullied to Remarkable Leader in 1 Year! Unbelievable & Inspiring Video

Kid Bullied to Leader in 1 Year

Remarkable Teenage Leadership – Changes Entire School in 1 Year!

I don’t like bullies, and I bet you don’t either. I am floored by the leadership courage this bullied teenager took to become not only an unbelievable leader at his school, but also something else you will have to watch the video to see.

Josh led in a very nontraditional way and changed the culture of his school in a remarkable way. Bullied himself, he decided to do things differently.

I love hearing stories of kids leading. I have a feeling Josh will continue making a difference all of his life. I plan on showing this clip to my children and talking about what it really means to be a leader, I hope some of you will feel inspired to do the same.

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