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John Wooden – Don’t we wish more were like him? (Inspiring Video Attached)

Part of my mission and goal of this blog is to bring inspiring and moving examples of leadership. There are very few more inspiring than John Wooden, who passed away Friday at the age of 99. And there are very few leaders in this world that I personally 100% aspire to be like – John Wooden is one of them.

The term leader is used loosely. Leaders leave legacies of integrity, caring, love, giving back more than they took and inspiring others to do the same; they have purpose and sustaining value. Leaders leave an impact on the things that matter most, not how much money they made or worlds they conquered. John Wooden was a leader in the purest definition.

In tribute to this inspiring leader – John Wooden, here is a glimpse and tender video into what mattered to him most, his love affair with Nellie Riely Wooden, the love of his life.


If you want a good book on the leadership of John Wooden, I recommend "A Game Plan for Life – The Power of Mentoring" by John Wooden and Don Yaeger. You can get it here at by clicking on the link below:

51L4IJ8zp0L._SL160_ A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring


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