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Our Top Five Most Popular & Funny Posts of The Year – 2013

Most Popular Posts of 2013 – Best of 2013

Our Teamwork and Leadership Blog enjoyed a great year in 2013. With close to a million page-views this year we are quickly becoming one of the most popular leadership blogs on the internet. Thank you for your kind notes and support. We blog because of you!

Here are five of our most popular and in many cases funny posts from 2013.

1. How Not to Use PowerPoint – Very Funny Video You Can Share Everyone loves PowerPoint, right? Of course not. So that might be the reason this post was our most popular in 2013 by a long shot. With 2,663 shares on Facebook alone this video post was a big hit! Clearly people could relate to the great tips on how not to use PowerPoint.

2. Being a Humble Leader Isn’t That Hard is it? Very Funny Video People appreciate “boss humor.” Not only do you get six helpful and important tips on leadership humility in this post, but embedded is also a very funny video that highlights what humility in leadership is not. Check out this boss and employee relationship for a good laugh.

3. Really, How Well Do You Listen Leader? Hilarious Communication Video! Listening is a critical skill for leaders. This has got to be one of the funniest videos we have ever seen on active listening. Watch as this husband and wife struggle with what seems like the obvious.

4. My Personal #1 Time Management Top – Changed My Life If you are like me you have been to a time management workshop or two and have read several books on it as well. In this post I share my number one tip that literally changed my life. It resonated with many of our readers as well with 528 shares on Facebook alone.

5. Effective Communication Techniques Include Shutting Up! 3 Good Reasons Did you ever think shutting up could be a good communication technique? There are actually three good reason why shutting up is a good idea in this popular post.

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