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Really, How Well Do You Listen Leader? Hilarious Communication Video!

Girl with hand to ear – Are you listening leaders?

I will admit that occasionally I don’t listen as well as I should. I have this what seems to be innate desire to “fix things.” I want the persons pain to go away and then help them with their next problem instead of taking the time to actively listen.

When a person is really struggling, my urge to fix things sky-rockets. It’s hard to just sit and listen some times. But believe me I give it everything I have, and I am usually pretty successful (but don’t ask my wife what she thinks – wink -).

I think you will love this new video I came across the other day that clearly demonstrates a common communication and relationship gap. The video is very funny, but it does get you thinking about why it is just as important to listen at times as it is to fix when communicating.

It is not uncommon for leaders to try to fix everything. Many are quick to give advice and slow to listen. The solution seems so obvious at times, that they quickly try to solve the problem believing that is what a leader is called to do. But leadership is more than just giving advice and fixing solutions, it is also about helping those we lead find the solution themselves.

If you are too eager to jump in and solve every employees problem quickly, guess who they will come to every time? You of course!

Though the problem might be staring you in the face, as you will see in the below video, effective communication includes shutting up as well.

So, next time you have the urge to fix the problem instead of listening, remember this video. Communication gaps in leadership happen and they are often the results of poor listening.
Question: What is your communication approach when an employee has a problem they need to solve? Like this video? Please comment and share below, thanks!

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