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6 Tips to Ensure You Suck at Business Email Etiquette

eMail Etiquette

Tips for Poor Email Etiquette for Managers and Leaders

Managers always seem to be the best at poor email etiquette so I thought it was time I  write something about how to ensure that they continue to confuse, frustrate and anger those they email to. By doing so they might receive and be copied on fewer and fewer emails in the future. Everyone wants fewer emails right?

So, here are the six tips to ensure you suck as a manager at email etiquette. Drum roll please…

  1. Make sure you include the entire chain of emails and simply say, “read below and let me know what you think.” By doing this, those responding can waste lots of time trying to figure out what is being said and what you want them to say.
  2. Type in all caps. I mean if that is the way you talk, then that should be the way you email too.
  3. Respond with what I call “drunk emailing.” Just say whatever comes to your mind and let it flow. Heck, managers must be honest right?
  4. Don’t re-read anything you write, you might run the risk of cutting out something that will offend others. The best time to send an email, to ensure you suck at email etiquette is when you are very upset.
  5. Reply to all with every email you respond to, that way you ensure people easily collect 200 or more emails a day.
  6. Never pick up the phone. Email is so much easier because you don’t have to talk.

Any other great tips on how to suck at email? I am sure there are many more out there. Let’s hear them. Please comment below.

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