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Perseverance and Leader’s Success – Leadership Story

Perseverance and Leader’s Success

Leader’s Success is Dependent on Not Giving Up

The difference between successful people and those that aren’t often boils down to pure  persistence; the desire to not give up. The difference between a leader’s success and a leader that doesn’t succeed is similar. Great leaders carry on, even in the blue face of adversity and critics.

Here is a fun and meaningful story/fable for the tested and weary leader – or the soon to be.

Two frogs were playing in the swamp one day and decided to go exploring. They hopped off in the direction of an old farm where there were lots of fun things to explore. They came across a pail of milk and immediately jumped in it for a swim. However, they soon found themselves in danger as they tried to climb out and go home. The sides turned out to be steeper and slip-pier then they had anticipated.

Both frogs continued to struggle to get out – kicking, squirming and swimming the best they could. Finally one frog just quit saying “this is way too hard, it is hopeless, I quit.” Eventually that frog disappeared under the milk never to rise to the surface again. The other frog wasn’t going to quit so easily and continued to kick, squirm and swim the best a frog could in that situation. Finally when the frog decided to stop he noticed that he wasn’t sinking. With all of his churning the milk had been turned into a big hunk of butter! As a result he simply climbed out of the pail.

You can never quit. You can’t give up on your vision and you can’t give up on those you lead. You can’t give up! You may not have it all figured out, but you have to keep kicking, keep squirming and keep swimming until you eventually reach the top. From the top no one will doubt you have succeeded as a leader. But it will take constant effort and courage to get there. You will have to trust yourself and trust those you lead. Great leaders get it, do you?

What are your challenges that keep you kicking, squirming and swimming as a leader? Please comment – thanks!

“The ultimate measure of a man (leader) is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.

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