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As a Leader – Do You Believe in You? Story, Tips and a Funny Video

Leaders with Limiting Beliefs. Do you believe in you leader?

I am in the process of writing my first book, “You Are The Team – 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go From Good To Great!” You can find more information on the book here. Writing a book has been quite the experience and a lot of work – but a lot of fun too.

Through the process of writing my first book I have had many different thoughts pop up in my head. I will be honest with you – they haven’t all been positive. But somehow I am managing through it all, and I am close to finishing what I truly think will be a book that will change the way people engage on teams.

But, back to these thoughts that have come and gone to me throughout the writing process. I am going to be a little vulnerable, the thoughts I have struggled with the most have been my own limiting beliefs. I know that they aren’t uncommon and many of you know exactly what I am talking about. I read enough books on writing books to know that these thoughts would come at the most inopportune times in the process. And they did! Like – before I started writing the book, many times while writing the book and often times during the editing process of the book. I am sure I will continue to have them as the book is being published too!

My limiting belief included thoughts like, “Who are you to think you can write a book?” Or, “Will anyone actually read what you have to say?”

So, what did I do? I chose to ignore them and carry on (by using a technique I will explain more about below). That’s why I am now almost finished 🙂

I found in my experience that leaders, like authors, like all of us, struggle with limiting beliefs on a regular basis. Here are some examples of that little voice you might have heard as a leader:

  • “I am too young and inexperienced to lead this team.”
  • “I really don’t have the courage to talk to Joe about his performance.”
  • “No one can work on this project better than I can.”
  • “I need perfect information before I can make a decision.”
  • “I’m just not very inspiring. Who will ever want to follow me?”
  • “I am not a good leader unless I am well liked by everyone.”

I could list a 100 more, right? Maybe you have had some of the thoughts I have listed above yourself, or some other limiting belief on the list of 100.

So what do you do about them? Here are three simple things I did while writing my book that helped a great deal.

1. Become Aware of the thought. Identify that the belief is there. Realize that all leaders experience such thoughts. Quickly recognize the limiting thought you are having and go to step two.

2. Move the thought. Take the limiting belief and shift it away from your thoughts. Actually see the thought leaving your head and floating in the air away from you. Believe me, it works.

3. Replace the thought. Choose an alternative positive thought. When, for example, you are having the limiting belief, “I am too young and inexperienced to lead this team,” instead think, “My youth gives me the energy to do the job and my inexperience will allow me to ask the types of questions no one else is asking.”

4. I know I said three simple things, but I thought you might enjoy an added humorous fourth one as well. This Bob Newhart video is one of my favorites.

Happy Teamwork and Leadership Everyone!

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