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Huge Benefits to Teamwork – Old Fable With a New Teamwork Twist

Teamwork Story – New Twist on Old Fable – Powerful For Teams

Teamwork Story Based Off of Old Fable

Teamwork happens when each of us are committed to making it happen. Great teams are made up of great teammates. When we work together we can do things we couldn’t do alone as the following teamwork story demonstrates.

Most likely you are familiar with the Aesop fable, “The Hare and the Tortoise.” As you will remember, the hare and the tortoise had a race. At the start of the race the hare took off quickly and was almost out of the site of the tortoise. About half way through the race, the hare, in contempt, decided to take a nap. As he did, the tortoise kept moving along until he eventually passed the sleeping rabbit and won the race.

Did you know that there were three additional races?

Race #2. Because the hare knew he could beat the tortoise because of what he had learned in the first race, he challenged the hare to a rematch. This time the hare started the race quickly and never slowed down, easily winning the race.

Race #3. Like the hare, the tortoise also learned something from his loss. The tortoise proposed a new race route he had ran in before, which the hare gladly accepted. The race started as the previous two had, the hare started quickly running with all of his might. But the new route included a river and the hare couldn’t figure out how to cross it. He didn’t see any bridges and there wasn’t anyone to ask for directions from. As he continued to think about ways to get across, the tortoise, slowly walking past the hare, dived into the river, swam to the other side and crossed the finish line.

Race #4. Because the hare and the tortoise had spent so much time together, they had quickly become friends. They decided to race again, but this time together. They both felt they could break the course record if they capitalized on each other’s strengths instead of competing against one another. As the race started the hare carried the tortoise on his back. When they got to the river, they switched and the hare rode the back of the tortoise. And when they got to the other side they switched again all the way to the finish line and in record time.

Without the personal commitment of both the hare and the tortoise, neither of them would have been able to break the course record. The director of the course could have given suggestions on how to run the course based on what she had seen others do. Or race coaches could have given them tips on how to go faster. But until they both made a personal commitment to work together, the record wouldn’t be broken.

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