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Beware Managers and Employers – You better treat your employee’s right or else…


I will never forget an experience I had several months back. I was asked to provide some consulting and development for a highly dysfunctional senior leadership team. We were discussing some of the morale issues their staff was having when one of the senior leaders said “I don’t think morale and motivating people really matters. Given the way things are people should just be lucky they have a job.” After picking my jaw up off the floor I responded: “you better think it matters because when this thing turns around guess where your employees will be going; right out that door to your competitor!”

I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if this was an isolated event. I am beginning to hear this type of thing all of the time now from employees who feel they are being treated poorly. Just last week an employee who works for the government and has been at the same job 20+ years said he has noticed a huge change in the way management was treating its staff.

Beware managers and employers. You better treat your employees right or else. An article in Human Capital Magazine recently talked about employers being unprepared for a mass exodus of leaders and employees from organizations in 2010. Click here for the full article. Here is a survey and quote from the article that managers and employers would be wise to pay attention to.

“an Aequalis survey of 280 job-seekers showed that 45% now lack trust in senior management, 62% are experiencing lower morale, and only 22% have said they are not moving at the first signs of an economic recovery.”

"Many employers have taken advantage of the economic conditions, but at what cost?" Boulton said. "Human capital is key to a business's ability to grow, yet it's clear a significant number of existing staff are not happy."

Does any of this surprise you? In order for companies to stay sound in a difficult economy, good financial responsibility during the height of prosperity is the key. In order for companies to retain their most important asset, their people, they better treat them well at the height of difficult times. Now is not the time to cultivate the attitude of believing employees “should just be lucky they have a job.” Remember what goes around, comes around. It will bite managers and employers at some point.

I am interested in hearing what you think? Have you noticed a difference in the way employees are being treated?

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