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What can we learn about teamwork and Ants? Video Included

I have always been fascinated with ants. It is fun to watch an ant colony do its thing. They move from place to place with what seems to me to be chaos, but they get it done with great purpose. They truly click on all cylinders and are by all definitions a functional team.

Each “ant member” has a role to play in the colony (team). And each colony can’t survive very well without its leader (the queen). When teams are formed and even after they have existed for a period of time, it is necessary that each team member understand and be reminded in relation to their role and how they contribute to the team and the organization’s goals. The more clearly defined the roles of team members are, the happier team members will be and the better they will perform.

The next time you have an opportunity to talk to your team, take 15 or so minutes and make sure each of them understands their role on the team and how what they do contributes to the organization as a whole.   

I have included what I think is a very cool video on ants and teamwork. Enjoy!

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