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Leadership Accountability

5 Important Tips For Leaders And Coaches – A Recent Bad Experience post image

There are five basic and what I believe are simple things all leaders must do to be effective coaches. Being a good leader means you practice good coaching. The last year or so I have had my own personal kind of leadership coach. Maybe not what you would traditionally think of when you think of […] Read more

Take Your Boots Off! Important Leader Feedback

A Leaders Feedback Can Be Invaluable It was nearly 3 years into my young information technology career when my supervisor called me into his office to conduct my annual performance review. My parents had bought me a pair of cinnamon python boots for Christmas that year. I wore them proudly with my dark brown western […] Read more

Inspect What you Expect Leaders

As a Service Desk manager, I had over 50 agents answering phones. I had observed that our customer service stats were trending down. I talked to my first line managers and they shared what they thought. However, the trend continued.

Leadership begins at home – workplace accountabililty

One of the key ingredients to being a great leader is Accountability. So many talk about it, but few walk that walk, especially out of eyesight or ear shot of their workplace.

Oops – Leaders Make Mistakes

Important newsflash: leaders make mistakes! Okay, maybe not news to you, and certainly not news to me either. But how many actually admit they make mistakes? My experience has shown that some leaders admit it; some don’t. When leaders make mistakes they have everything to gain by admitting it.