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Making the Transition from Manager to Leader

Hire Tough Manage Easy – Leadership Advice Jobs

You would think a #1 leadership tip from Steve Jobs might be complex, right? No, not really. Steve Jobs philosophy was spot on which was to simply hire great people, make them accountable and then get out of their way. However, doing this is difficult for many leaders. One of my favorite simple “101” kind of […] Read more

Move from manager to leader…

I like to ask people in my leadership development workshops, are you leading like a leader, or are you just managing to be a leader? You might say it depends on the day? I get it. We all have better days than others. But at the end of the day most of us are striving […] Read more

Leaders Beware of Technology – Reach out Personal Touch

It happened to me… The other day I was sitting in the living room of my home with my family surrounded by communication; but not between any of us. I sat there in disbelief as my wife was on her smartphone browsing Facebook, my 20-year-old daughter on her phone texting who knows who, my 17 year […] Read more

Leaders Must Take Time To Think

There are leaders and then there are LEADERS. What kind of leader you are depends on how you use your time. Are you spending it running from place to place and keeping your head just above water? Or are you spending it strategically? What one thing can make or break you as a leader? It […] Read more

Moving from Pal to Boss – Manager to Leader

Okay, so you just got that new promotion. Now reality hits Monday morning and you think to yourself, “Can I really be tough? I still want to be liked by the team. After all a lot of them are my friends!”