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The One Important Thing That Can Make or Break You as a Leader

Leaders Must Take Time To Think

There are leaders and then there are LEADERS. What kind of leader you are depends on how you use your time. Are you spending it running from place to place and keeping your head just above water? Or are you spending it strategically?

What one thing can make or break you as a leader? It is the process of observing, listening and reflecting. Leaders need time to think.

If all you are doing is talking, manically convincing others of  your “wonderful ideas” and moving from task to task like a fly in a barn of “interesting things;” you are potentially robbing yourself, your team and organization of  leadership.

It is true that you might be busy, but the reality is you might not be leading. Every leader needs uninterrupted time away from the day-to-day grind. Leaders need time to ponder, to reflect, and to strategize.

When is the last time you really thought about your purpose? What about your team’s purpose? Have you asked yourself lately why you are leading? What are the most important things you should be focusing on? What are the most important things your team should be focusing on?

When is the last time you really observed what your team or organization does? I love the reality show Undercover Boss for this very thing – bosses literally go undercover and get to see what is really going on in their organizations. It’s a wake up call for almost all of them, though the sampling of stores, employees or locations they observe is fairly small. But the principle is good.

When is the last time you did the job of your staff? When is the last time you asked those you lead what they think?

Yes, it is true that observing, listening and reflecting takes time away from the “busy” things you do, but over time it will transform the way you lead. Your ability to move your team to greater heights will improve. You and your team will have greater focus. Personally as a leader will have greater empathy and understanding, as well as important insights into those you lead.

With so many benefits, today is the day to spend more time doing nothing but thinking.

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