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Take a Break Leader! – Shut Off Engine While Filling

Shut Off Engine – Take a Break

Take Time to Take a Break Leader!

The other day I was at the gas station, and I noticed on the pump a sticker that read, “Shut off Engine while filling!” My mind wandered in various directions but settled on this serving as a reminder for all of us as our summer vacations creep upon us.

When I was traveling five days a week, working long hours, and focused on getting results, I often times feared family vacations. Yes, I know you are supposed to look forward to time with your family and treasure every moment. Reality is that there never is really a good time for vacation.

Your boss and company “talk” about how you should get away to recharge and take a break. However, they give you a new smart phone, mini laptop,  a map of Wi-Fi coffee houses on your planned trip and a list of emergency phone numbers to use “if you just so happen to need them.”

Thus, you sneak out of bed at 5:30am and check your email and do your business until 7am when the family wakes up for a full day of fun! However, there are those two meetings that you were excused from, but you know you should attend to make sure you don’t get more work. So, you make up an excuse to have the rental car checked and drive to a local park to dial in.

I challenge you this year to “Shut off your Engine” while filling! Take a break! Leave the electronics at home, embrace your family vacation, sleep in, have a cup of coffee with your spouse without talking about work, and go fishing with your son who will grow up way too fast. 

Think about it, the sticker on the pump is for your safety. But maybe there is a different meaning as well in terms of your relationships and health?

Here are a few tips I have learned over the years that helped to take a break and shut off my engine.

1) Take a long walk with your spouse and talk about your future. Find a spot that reminds you of your childhood and share some old memories.

2) Sleep in until 10am one morning. If you wake up just lay there. Do not turn on the TV or radio,  just stay calm, enjoy it and relax.

3) Plan something special with all of your family like a good music show or movie.  Laugh and laugh…did say Laugh!

4) Pack a lunch and have a picnic at the park. Enjoy nature by relaxing and listening to the birds. I always enjoy finding the duck pond and feeding them.

Give it a shot this year. I dare you. Come on…try it! I’ll bet when you get back to work you’ll be three times more productive and ready to tackle the issues head on. And besides…you’ll know as you hit the road to work that you have a family back home who really loves and appreciates you!  Is that not really why you are working any way? Shut off the Engine while Filling! Take a break!

Question: What ways have you found to take a break? Has it helped you?

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