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Does Smiling Make You a Better Leader? Top Four Reasons You Should Smile More

There is something about a smile. The other day our family went on a vacation to a small  amusement park about four hours from our home. I have younger children so we usually spend a lot of time on the kids rides. It was at least 95 degrees outside, a little humid, little Laughing kids everywhere screaming, crying, yelling, laughing… you get the picture. Being a ride operator in this part of the park can require a lot of patience and hard work as was evident on the faces of just about every young ride operator there… except for one.  

The exception was a young girl of about 16 or 17. As the kids rode, she smiled. Smiling like she was enjoying the kids, her job and life. Now you tell me, whose ride do you want your children on? I was immediately endeared to her, and I really felt like she cared about my kids and everything she was doing. She also made me happier as I watched her enjoy what she was doing. She really made a difference and got me thinking.

How many of you smile as much as you could? Here are four reasons everyone, including and especially those that lead people ought to smile.

1. Smiles make you happy. If you are ever in a down mood, try smiling ear to ear. Watch your mood change instantly.

2. Smiles make others happy. People like to be around people that are happy, it makes them happy.

3. Smiles say you care and are approachable. Research shows that being kind to employees for example improves productivity.

4. Smiles use less muscles than frowning. Therefore smiling will make you less tired and give you more energy. 

One thing to note – make sure when you smile that it is genuine and not forced or fake. People can tell the difference. So smile today. Smile now, feel the difference. I am sure this young operator had no idea the difference she had on me that day in the amusement park. What impact are you having?

Can you think of other reasons to smile? I welcome your comments. Thanks.


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