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Six Important Tips To Help a Leader or Boss Smile Less


The six tips below will ensure that you wipe any hint of a genuine smile off your face. Frown

1. Believe that people don't like you. The more you believe that people don't like you, the more paranoid you will become that they are out to get you. This is sure to result in an unhappy countenance and ensure that your belief is realized!

2. Believe that there is much more negative in people's performance than positive. Why? Because if they were as perfect as you are they would be the boss, not you. Always looking for the negative is a great way to ensure that others smile less as well.

3. Believe that a bad day has everything to do with others and has nothing to do with you.You might think this would make you smile more because you are never to blame for your mood, but look carefully. Do you know people like this? How often do they genuinely smile? 

4. Believe that rudeness makes you appear strong. At least you believe it makes you appear strong. And in your strength you will find it very difficult to have a genuine smile.

5. Believe that business is business and take yourself super seriously. Since you spend most of your life working it makes sense to be as unhappy and frowny as you possibly can be. Business is business and smiling and enjoying it means you aren't serious enough.

6. Believe that good hygiene is overrated. Do I have to explain?

What others would you add?

But seriously folks, are you having trouble smiling and you want to smile more? Try these tips : ) 

Hug someone you care about.
Jump on the bed.
Dance and sing while working (it might bring smiles to others as well).

Look for the good in everything.
Check out your baby pictures.

Spend time with children.
Spend time with a puppy or kitten.
Think about someone who has had a huge positive influence in your life.
Enjoy the vivid colors of life and the changes in weather/seasons.
Write a list of everything you are grateful for.
Smile real big every morning in the mirror.

What makes you smile more? Please share below. 

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