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Being a humble leader isn’t that hard is it? Very Funny Video

Bad Boss – The Opposite of a Humble Leader

Is being a humble leader rare these days? Hopefully not! I am sure you will enjoy this quick and funny leadership video below.

Humility in leadership I am sure you would agree is important, but what is required to be a humble leader? Here are six of the attributes I consider necessary for leadership humility. After you are done reading these attributes of a humble leader, watch the video below and tell me if you think this leader has any of them – LOL.

1. Vulnerability. Patrick Lencioni in his best-selling book on teams titled “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable” says that vulnerability is an important trait for leaders to have. The more vulnerable a leader is the more successful she will be.

By vulnerability he means the willingness for a leader to open up and give people a glimpse of the human being who is in charge and behind the big desk.

2. Forgive. Humble leaders forgive. Employees make mistakes, and Leaders understand that and coach instead of condemn.

3. Grateful. One fundamental attribute in humble leadership is gratitude. Thank you and you’re welcome are important to say, but critical to genuinely feel as well!

4. Desires Feedback. Humble leaders not only ask for feedback, but really desire it as well. They understand that feedback helps them improve as a leader. And they understand that without it they are, in a sense, blindly  leading.

5. Admit Mistakes. Leaders who are willing to admit mistakes build trust and gain greater respect from their teams. Humble leaders get this. They are as human as those they lead, and those they lead need to know that.

6. Respects Others. Leaders who are humble respect those they work with whether it be the one emptying their trash can or the employee who fills their inbox. They are deeply concerned and care about each of them.

Now, enjoy this video and let us know what you think. Does this boss get it? LOL!

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Question: What other attributes are important for humble leaders? Have you had the good fortune of having leaders with these attributes? Please share by commenting below.

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