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Fun At Work – 7 Great Ideas for Leaders

Have More Fun at Work

Fun at Work Can Relieve Stress on Workers.

Stress on workers is at an all time high. What we need is to create a little more fun at work! I know some of you will laugh or make sarcastic remarks at such a suggestion. But aren’t we just a little too serious?

Making work fun not only creates less stress on workers, but also helps in strengthening relationships, building trust and ultimately building better teams.

I have had bosses who have created fun at work, and I have had bosses that created a lot of workplace stress. What did those who made work fun do differently?

Here are seven ideas I have discovered that can make work fun and relieve some stress at the same time.

1. Relax and Lighten Up a Bit. Don’t take things so seriously! While your job is important, it isn’t life or death for most of us. The relationships you build with those that you work with are important too.

You can’t be stressed, angry and happy at the same time – choose to be happy!

2. Freely Give Compliments and Props. I love the following quote by Samuel Goldwyn: “When someone does something well, applaud! You will make two people happy.”

Props and compliments make people happy. And there isn’t as much fun if people don’t feel appreciated.

3. Have a “Bring your _____ to work day.” One of the things that I loved as a kid was “sharing time” with my classmates. We would be asked to bring something such as a pet or object to school to share with the class.

Most people still enjoy sharing. Have a “bring your pet, child or favorite recipe to work day.” It’s fun and beneficial to get to know those you work with.

4. Play games. Games are great for lessening the stress on employees. One game I heard of that sounded like fun was to have everyone bring in a baby, high school or pet photo and post them on a big bulletin board. Then have everyone guess who’s who.

I used to have a boss that would go around the office and recruit people to play Foosball. We had a great time and the result was less stress at work!

5. Decorate The Office. Color equates to fun at work! Take time to bring fun to the office with decorations, and not just during the Holidays.

You could even turn decorating the office into a contest. Provide a prize for the desk, cube or office that shouts fun the most!

6. Do a Volunteer Day. Take your team or organization offsite to do a day of volunteering. This is not only altruistic, fun and creates lasting memories, but it strengthens relationships as well.

7. Share a Treat. Simply bring something in once in a while that everyone can enjoy. It’s a great way to say thank you, and I care about you. And treats are always associated with fun!

Question: These are just a few suggestions on how to create more fun at work. What kinds of things have you done? How do you make work more fun with virtual teams?

Note: I would welcome a guest post on creating more fun at work with virtual teams if you are interested. Let me know.

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