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Great Leaders Use This #1 Superpower!

The leadership superpower of positive reinforcement.

Leadership Superpowers come in many flavors and types, but there is one that all leaders can and must have. The Superpower of positive reinforcement.

This morning I was in my little boys room when I discovered something that highlighted again the simplicity, but also the important effectiveness of this superpower.

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The following note was hanging by the door of my boys room and drew my attention immediately. It came from a volunteer coach at a basketball summer camp my 12-year old attended this Summer.

During the camp my boy was a little upset after a game because his team didn’t get to the championship. In addition he wasn’t selected to the all-camp team (something he was selected to the year before). Those memories are forgotten, but the memory and power of what this coach took the time to tell him after the camp is with him every day.

The note itself is amazing. Very specific and genuine – both important to effective feedback. As you read it you can see this coach really cared about this little 12-year old. I have no doubt he wrote similar positive, specific and genuine notes to the rest of those on the team as well.

By virtue of the fact that my son posted it near the door by the light switch highlights how important it was to him.

Regardless of whether you lead at work, home, as a coach or anywhere else, as leaders we have the power to change lives and how people feel about themselves in very simple ways. I am so grateful this coach took the time to write this. He was using his superpowers as a leader to help a little boy he probably won'[t ever see again feel good about himself!

What kinds of positive messages and notes are you sending to those you lead and care about?

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