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Leaders – One Great Trick to Help Your Team Feel Valued All Year Long!

Helping Those You Lead Feel More Valued. Trick for Leaders

The number one reason people leave companies has more to do with us as leaders than any other factor. It’s not as much about the money as it is about us.

And one of the things employees want most is to feel valued and appreciated – which is mainly on us. And it’s not that hard to do. We simply just need to tell them.

Those we lead want to hear us tell them that we appreciate what they do, how they specifically contribute to the greatness of the team and/or organization and how their unique gifts and talents bless you as a leader.

However, many of those we lead are not feeling valued or appreciated. In most cases it’s not because leaders don’t want those they lead to feel they are valued. I think most do, but with everything on their plate they simply forget to.

One easy trick I have learned can help.

I once heard of a CEO who used to take 5 marbles every morning while getting dressed and place them in his right pocket. Throughout the day every time he would appreciate or compliment someone he would take one of the marbles from his right pocket and place it in his left. His goal at the end of the day was to have all five marbles in his left pocket.

Maybe you only start with 3 marbles, or maybe you work your way up to 10 – it’s not so much about the number as it is the habit you are creating. Eventually you won’t need the marbles anymore!

If you aren’t in the habit of telling those you lead how much you value them, or how grateful you are for them – use this trick and let me know how it goes 🙂

Question: What tricks have you used to value or show appreciation to those you lead? Please leave a comment by clicking here

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