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This is My Favorite Question as a Leader: It is a Superpower Question!

Superpower question every leader should ask

There are lots of questions you get asked as a leader. However, there is one question I love. And it’s a question that not only I love, but everyone loves. It is, “What can I do to ease your burden?” or “How can I help you?”

Even if there isn’t anything I immediately need from that person, my shoulders seem to be lighter knowing that I have others who care enough to ask.

Can you imagine the superpower of this simple question if we were all regularly asking it?

Think for example about the person who cleans your building. What if you asked him what you could do to help ease his burden? That would be shocker! Right? Would he feel supported and valued? Absolutely! And imagine what it would do if others saw you, a leader in the organization, helping with even the humblest of job responsibilities. Think about it…

Now, I am not suggesting you fill your whole day with others duties, but to just simply spend a little bit of time from day to day serving others and eventually serving each other. The impact is truly long lasting!

Do you want to be a superstar at home? Try it tonight! Ask your children, “What can I do to help you?” Ask your spouse, “What can I do to ease your burden?” After sincerely asking these questions (in other words being prepared to take action), really listen and then fulfill your families wishes.

Try it with your teammates. Try it with your boss. Try it with your customers. Try it with anyone you care about!

If you take the lead asking these questions, there is a good chance others will begin to as well. When someone does something nice for us, most of us want to do the same. Wouldn’t it be powerful if members of teams started asking these questions of each other? Of course!

There is a natural and wonderful positive correlation I have seen all of my life – when people begin to serve others, they start to love and really care about those they serve. And as their feelings of caring are heightened they have a desire to serve them more. What a great foundation and pattern for teamwork and more importantly life!

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