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Leaders – Never Underestimate the Power of This One Thing (+Video)

Leaders – Never Underestimate the Power of This One Thing (+Video) post image

What matters most to those you lead? Answer: It’s caring. Leaders who have heart, will also have the hearts of those they lead.

I love the following video that demonstrates this in a beautiful and simple way.

We all have an innate desire to be cared about, to feel valued – to be loved. Leaders, never underestimate the power of caring in your leadership.

Do you spend a lot of time spinning your wheels on how to help those you lead feel valued? Do you create elaborate recognition programs? Do you fight to get your staff big bonuses? Do you do birthday parties and staff lunches?

While all of the above and similar efforts are good and worthy, there are times only the most simple things will do as this video illustrates. And there are times when only the above will do as well.

The key, is to care. If you come from a foundation of caring as a leader everything will be done from the right place. And what follows will be magical.

When is the last time you told someone you cared about them? When is the last time you gave a hug (when appropriate) instead of a stern word or two? When is the last time you gave a gift because you cared, not because of something great or important someone did, just because you cared?

I think you will appreciate the following. Enjoy leaders!

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