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Don’t Judge Too Quickly – Touching and Powerful Leadership Story

Leader Story – Don’t Judge to Quickly – Leadership Story

Touching and Powerful Story for Leaders to Consider 

Leaders should assume positive intent in most cases. Often times we create untrue as well as unfair stories in our head about others. Last week in a blog post titled, “As a Leader I Hate That I Do This – How About You?” I talked about how we tend to create such stories from the smallest of things.

For example, your friend didn’t reply to your text last night so you create a story as to why. The story grows larger and more concerning as the night passes and as the morning sun comes up you are preparing to end your friendship. However, the next day you find out that her phone was stolen and she had no way of texting you back!

I love the following story which illustrates not only how kind people can be (in this case a little boy), but also highlights our need to be careful about jumping to conclusions.

Many years ago, a 10-year-old boy walked up to the counter of a soda shop and climbed onto a stool. He caught the eye of the waitress and asked, “How much is an ice cream sundae?”

“Fifty cents,” the waitress replied. The boy reached into his pockets, pulled out a handful of change, and began counting. The waitress frowned impatiently. After all, she had other customers to wait on.

The boy squinted up at the waitress. “How much is a dish of plain ice cream?” he asked. The waitress sighed and rolled her eyes. “Thirty-five cents,” she said with a note of irritation.

Again, the boy counted his coins. At last, he said, “I’ll have the plain ice cream, please.” He put a quarter and two nickels on the counter. The waitress took the coins, brought the ice cream, and walked away.

About ten minutes later, she returned and found the ice cream dish empty. The boy was gone. She picked up the empty dish—then swallowed hard.

There on the counter, next to the wet spot where the dish had been, were two nickels and five pennies. The boy had had enough for a sundae, but he had ordered plain ice cream so he could leave her a tip.

Story Source: Mr. Little John’s Secrets to a Lifetime of Success by Pat Williams

Here is another story about jumping to conclusions.

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