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Great Leaders Care and are Understanding: Very Inspirational Video

Great Leaders Nurture

I have always believed that if you don’t truly care about those you lead you shouldn’t be a leader. Great leaders care. Great leaders serve. It is so easy in life to overlook the human side of things. The best leaders really try to understand people.

We can be too quick to rush to judgment, talk negative about others and become impatient and annoyed. But great  leaders take a breath and realize that each of us are human and our challenges are uniquely individual. And with the right approach people can respond in very positive ways.

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. Other times they just need a little understanding and a sensitive act of service. I love this video (you can find it below) and wanted to share it. I believe it can transform the way you look at things as a leader. It has already had a large impact on my thinking.

It is a little “cheesy” to start, but please stay with it. The message is absolutely positive. It’s really about service leadership. We need more understanding leaders; more compassionate leaders who want to lead because they care.

When you are done watching the video please let us know what you learned from it by commenting below. Thanks, and I hope it has an impact on you.

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